About the Friends of the Royal Welsh Regiment

In February 2013, The Museum Trust and The Friends Charity were re-structured and the new Museum Trust was formally re-stablished as The Royal Welsh Regimental Museum Trust. The old RRW Museum Friends Charity was originally formed and structured on the basis of two distinct branches, one in Cardiff and the other in Brecon. The Trust resolved that the branch structure was replaced  and the name of the charity was formally changed to The Friends of The Royal Welsh Regimental Museum.

An Appeal was then launched and fund-raising started in earnest to safe-guard the future of the Museum. The Friends and The Appeal Committees became one in 2015. Since the start of The Appeal , over £70,000 has been raised through fund-raising events and donations.

See our other current project, Never Forget Your Welsh Heroes which digitises letters and diaries of Welsh soldiers.