Friends of the Royal Welsh Regiment


Brecon welcomes the Zulus – Summer 2017

The Anglo-Zulu War took place in 1879, provoked by the British invasion of Zululand as part of a plan to create a confederated state in southern Africa. The British forces seriously underestimated the skill and prowess of the Zulu army and they were caught unprepared at Isandlwana where the Zulus won a famous victory. On the same day, some Zulu regiments went on to attack Rorke’s Drift mission where a heroic defence took place. The main regiment involved at Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift was the 24th (now The Royal Welsh) whose headquarters were in Brecon.

Our co-operation with KwaCulture, a cultural organisation which promotes Zulu culture and heritage, operates under the name of Sibanye, meaning “we are one”, to show that the way forward for these past adversaries is to acknowledge the events of the past but also to move on in a spirit of support and co-operation. Our prime focus will be on the next generation so that they have a greater understanding of the past to inform a better future.

This project gives us the opportunity to promote the superb collections of material available at the Regimental museum in Brecon and on loan to Firing Line in Cardiff. It also allows us to produce new materials suitable for school pupils so that they can appreciate the struggle and sacrifices made by their ancestors in a far-off land. 2017 is the 135th anniversary of the visit of the Zulu King, Cetshwayo, to Britain. Whilst here, the King had an audience with Queen Victoria. This meeting and the King Cetshwayo’s visit to Britain is being celebrated by the current Zulu monarch who is happy to share this anniversary with us. 


King Cetshwayo 135th Celebrations in Wales August/September 2017 organised by The Friends of The Royal Welsh Regimental Museum in partnership with KwaCulture and Maluju Charity - Event Dates and Locations